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Etihad Airways is the national carrier of United Arab Emirates. Its main base is in Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE. Etihad operates flight services to the Middle East, Europe, North America, Far East, Africa, Oceania and Indian subcontinent. Etihad invites travellers explore the world of travel from Dubai. With its slogan “from Dubai to the World”, Etihad Airways boosts traveller feel good on having a beautiful flying experience.

Etihad Airways was established in 2003. H. E. Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Saif Al Nahyan and James Hogan laid stone in July 2003. It started operations with launching of Etihad flights to Beirut, followed by almost one new route per month. It accrued an initial capital of AED500 million. Its main base is Abu Dhai International Airport.

Moreover, Etihad expanded its services later through code-sharing agreements with major international airliners. These airlines are Aer Arann, Yemenia, Sri Lankan Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Qantas, Phillippine Airlines, Middle East Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, Kuwait Airways, Jet Airways, Iran Air, Brussels Airlines, BMI, and Bangkok Airways.

Apart from that, Etihad Airways also works on cargo service i.e., Etihad Crystal Cargo. It’s Etihad’s cargo division which provides cargo handling services. For that, Etihad operates two A300-600F cargo aircraft and one MD-11 cargo aircraft. Its Cargo service is carried out for 14 destinations in 42 countries across Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania.

Etihad Airways has placed an order for over 210 aircrafts. This new set of aircrafts delivery has been scheduled for 2011-2020. However, Etihad Airways keeps up three travel classes: First or Diamond Zone, business or Pearl Zone and Economy or Coral Zone. Passengers are provided 00 fully horizontal lie-flat seats. Its long-haul flights are designed in such a way to give more in-flight comfort. A full-size pillow, quilted duvets, complimentary ear plugs and eye shades are also supplied to each passenger.

Every comfort and privacy of passengers is kept in mind. Its travellers enjoy the most pleasurable experience on Etihadair. Passengers board on one of the most modern fleet in the world. Its all-new fleet gives you the world’s most sophisticated flight deck which represents the ultimate in twin-jet performance, operational competence, extended cabin room and increased flying choice.

Etihad Airways offers quality television programme designed to keep you informed and entertained. On board passenger catch the latest news, travel stories, comedies, classics, dramas, and lifestyle programmes of around the globe. All that is available on the main screen and in-seat monitors. Some flights of Etihad have in-flight telephony also. Every luxury amenity from delicious food to wine is provided to add your pleasurable experience up greatly.

Etihad has a strong strength of 6,300 staff members, including over 3,000 cabin crew and more than 600 efficient pilots. Etihad guests can seek frequent flyer program also. This programme was launched on August 30th, 2006. Normally, it’s a frequently flyer program which features discount for loyalty membership programme. Airline customers collect points from the distance flown. The acquired points are redeemed for free air travel.