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Nepal Airlines is the national carrier of Nepal. Its main base is Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. However Nepal Airline has its regional offices are in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Dubai, Thailand and Taiwan. The national flagship carrier operates more than 30 domestic destinations and over 7 international itineraries throughout.

Nepal Airlines was founded in July 1958 in the name of Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation. It began its services for Samara, Pokhara, Biratnagar and New Delhi. You will make a travel from New Delhi to Kathmandu on its Boeing 757 aircraft, although it has 19-seat Twin Otter aircraft as well. If you have a plan to travel to the remote locations of Nepal, Nepal Airlines is going to meet your needs. Fly economy or business class, the airline will let you enjoy the amenities of wider seating, wine and champagne. You are served a great choice of meals which blend a world of cuisine.

The airfare should be moderately priced by Nepal Airlines. However individuals can wheel and deal for the lowest price as well. Find time to admire the view from the top of the Empire State Building and take in a little history with a trip to Kathmandu or Nepali culture, which is dedicated to Hindu culture. Bag the cut-price tickets for Nepal Airlines.

Nepal Airlines spreads its wings overseas with flights to neighbouring India. Its flights are likely to fly to and from Kathmandu and New Delhi respectively. The airline is well known for pampering its customers with comfortable travel services. This particular route, the Delhi-Kathmandu route, Nepal Airlines’ entry will also affect other airways, which currently runs the maximum number of flights between Kathmandu and New Delhi.

Nepal’s national carrier Nepal Airlines has a virtual cartel in the Kathmandu-Delhi and connecting other major cities of India. Individuals can have Kathmandu-Kolkata sectors as well. Get going!

The airline orders for two Airbus aircrafts which have been put on hold.