Spicejet Airlines

SpiceJet is a no-frill airline of India, headquartered in New Delhi. The airline initiated its operations in May 2005, with an objective to become India’s most favoured low cost airline, by offering the lowest air fares and the highest consumer satisfaction to the price receptive consumers of the country. The mission of the airline is to make sure that flying is no longer restricted to CEOs and business travellers, but affordable to every individual. SpiceJet Airlines is endorsed by Ajay Singh, the Kansagra family and Sanjay Malhotra.

SpiceJet Airlines was formerly known as 'Royal Airways', a re-embodiment of ModiLuft that was a small airline company, launched in India, by a joint venture with German carrier - Lufthansa. Initially, SpiceJet Airlines opted a single aircraft type fleet - Boeing 737-800 that allowed for higher efficiency in maintenance and beared the low-cost structure. With success in the process, the airline selected one more aircraft - Boeing 737-900ER. Presently, SpiceJet Airlines has 16 Boeing 737-800 aircrafts in one class (economy class) configuration with 189 seats, and 5 Boeing 737-900ER aircrafts, with total seating capacity of 212 passengers.

SpiceJet Airlines latest generation fleet of aircraft is supported by cutting-edge technology and an infrastructure to ensure the maximum standards in operating efficiency. It has maintenance support with state of the art technology from world leaders like KLM, Star Navigation, Russel Adams and Tech Log. SpiceJet Airlines now flies to 18 destinations. These consist of Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Guwahati, Delhi, Goa, Ahmadabad, Jammu, Srinagar, Bangalore, Cochin, Mumbai, Pune, Jaipur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Varanasi, Kolkata and Siliguri.

The dynamic fare-structure, current technology and infrastructure guarantee a safe and comfortable journey for all its passengers. The efficiency that the flights operate in 13 destinations says all about SpiceJet Airlines. The company is well assisted in the maintenance department by KLM and state-of-the-art technology from world leaders like the Star Navigation, Russell Adams and Tech Log. SpiceJet Airlines has initiated partnership with Navitaire, the world’s well-known low-cost support system for reservations and revenue management-booking.

SpiceJet Airlines assures you a wonderful service in the most reasonable price. Its main rationale is to provide you the best of services within your budget. They help you in saving a lot of money . There exist many online travel services to help you with the ticket registration for SpiceJet Airlines lowest price services. So why delay, go ahead and book your ticket for the most resourceful journey of your life. The principle of this airlines company is no frill but offer high performance. That is the reason that it has been able to carry out appreciably well and satisfy the customer requirements in an extraordinary manner. As compared to any other domestic airlines, the spice jet airline is able to offer much better, highly contemporary interiors on all its airplanes with highly supporting crew members. Along with its role as a domestic airline, SpiceJet Airlines also started its operations to a number of neighbouring countries. Current international destinations of SpiceJet airlines comprise Kathmandu in Nepal, Dhaka in Bangladesh and the Maldives archipelago.